I need help please Seiji and Gavin both worked hard over the summer. Together they earned a total of $525. Gavin earned $25 morethan Seiji.(a) Write a system of equations for the situation. Use s for the amount Seiji earned and g for the amount Gavinearned.(b) Graph the equations of the system on the graph provided on the next page.a. Note: Insert->Shape will allow you to add lines, draw dots, and otherwise insert shapes in bothMicrosoft Word and LibreOffice. The graph should be big enough for you to easily plot points usingthis method.b. If you do not want to graph using the drawing tools built into Microsoft Word or LibreOffice you mayalso print out, graph by hand, and scan the page. Please note it’s perfectly okay to upload multiplefiles.(c) Use your graph to estimate how much each person earned, and explain your results.

Accepted Solution

Umm. The answer is 56Step-by-step explanation:Divide the numbers